Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fear >_<

Ha ha, this is an easy one! Nothing else gives me more spine tingling chills then the sight of the dreaded, eight legged, Arachnid...... "the daddy long leg" >_< **trembled slightly in my computer chair as i typed that**. What's the big fuss about a minuscule moth munching maggot? I'm not sure if my fear could be put into words. It's like trying to explain the perfect feeling of a warm summer rain or the adrenaline rush of an accelerating car (ahhhh.... of course i don't speed though). But ever since that dreadful encounter in the fifth grade.. life just hasnt been the same since that dreadful day. So 10 year old little Breanna, sitting on her couch enjoying an ever rare opportunity to watch TV and enjoy a meal of steak and potatoes. The
television program of the evening, the Cosby Show. Now just as any other sponge minded young
soul would, I was so mesmerized
by the high def mega pixels i could barely tell you what the heck was going on around me. As I shoveled away mounds of potatoes from my mash potato mountain something bow legged and creepy caught the very corner of my less then perfect peripheral vision. To my complete and utterly shock, the creature that haunted my nightmares sat perched on my spoon that i was mere seconds from devouring! In complete shock and disgust i hurled the spoon and its claimer across the room at a wall splattering mash potatoey bits all over the recently washed carpet (dang it, im never gonna hear the end of it from mom). But since then, this web winding stocker has kept me from several showers, hours of sleep at night, and has been trying to steal my sanity from me. Alright, i know the boys went on a never ending hunt to end the life of this "beastie", but at least from what the reader can tell, it's only a figure of their imagination. And although a spider is at most like 12 inches (12 inches of pure evil), my imagination allows this "creature" to become the utmost terrifying creature of my nightmares, just as what was becoming of these boys "beastie".